This is the account for my pen name which I am using to publish erotic literature. It’s not an attempt to hide, I am simply compartmentalising my fiction writing and Psychology writing. Kiara Feldman and Claire Woods are both me.

Below is a list of what to expect on my Patreon. the italicised titles are working titles atm.

  • Fantasy – Dark/Gritty: “The Warrior Woman“, the adventures of Rayne the Barbarian.
  • Modern –  Supernatural: “Enslaved“,  where an old gypsy tribe makes a deal with a vampire and Sara has to pay the price.
  • Historical – Medieval:  “The Crown Prince“, in a world that puts to death those of “unnatural urges” Asmodeus must hide his feelings for the man he loves and agree to an arranged marriage.
  • Fantasy – High: “Rebel Heart“, the tale of an elven rebellion.
  • Sci-fi: probably cyberpunk
  • Historical – Medieval/Supernatural: probably witches
  • Fandom – Dragon Age: I have many pairings, OC and Canon, that I can do for this!
  • Fandom – Skyrim: I think I’ll write my own Ulfric Stormcloak with my mage, haha.