Signing the Lease!


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Tuesday is moving day.

For first time in my adult life I’ll be living in a house. Yay! I cannot express how happy this makes me feel, we’ll have a back garden, so the cats will be able to have fun outside, will have a front garden with the tree, again so the cats will have fun outside hopefully not getting stuck up the tree though! Though one of the rooms is much smaller the kitchen is larger and is the bathroom is more usable, I actually really like the fact that the bathroom is a proper wet room! One thing that is possibly a nice problem to have is that I can’t use which room to have is the bedroom. On one hand the smaller one (which just about fits our super king bed) would make a good bedroom because I plan on spending a lot less time in it and having a smaller one would discourage me to be in there. However, on the other hand having a large bedroom is pretty fucking awesome! And the living room wouldn’t be that small.

So today we are going to get keys, pay our first weeks rent, take some more measurements, and generally start planning how we want to use the space (and Simon will panic that we won’t have enough room for our stuff).

Wish us luck in packing up all of our crap, we are so going to need it!

So Close!


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So very close to getting that house! We got offered a bungalow and though it’s in a dodgy-ish postcode it’s got just about everything we want and has everything we need, most importantly! Just waiting for the lease to start so we can move!

Some bad news during all this upheaval though. I lost data from my computer and it included my Master’s research project. I think/hope I can get the raw data from uni/my supervisor, but I am not holding out hope. I can still do what I need it’ll just be harder and take longer.

Also, unfortunately, had bad news on the baby front. Though it was never confirmed, I likely had a very early miscarriage. I know it is more likely to happen at my age, so I am looking at the positives, I am just saddened by being so close yet still, seemingly so far.

Anyhoo, more good news than bad, so onward we go!

Body Language: An Artistic Writing Tool

This is a fantastic tool!

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Sharla Rae

Have you ever people-watched and tried to guess by facial expressions and body movements what people are feeling or thinking?

This non-verbal communication of emotion, state of mind or state of physical well-being is known as body language.

Body Language is one of the most artistic and useful tools in the writing craft.

The art:

Writers paint word visuals of a character’s movements in the reader’s mind and this art  is crucial in making our characters look and act like real people rather than stick characters moving around on the page.

The tools:

I demonstrated how to use body language as a tool to eliminate clunky saidisms in my blog, “Dialogue Tags: How To Kill Some Of The Little Buggers,– showing who’s speaking rather than telling.

Body language may also be used to set the tone or atmosphere in a scene. Example: A character…

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Craft Your Story with Dabble


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So, am not one for advertising and I don’t get any perks for talking about this in my blog – I am literally just really happy using this software and want to share it.

Since NaNo in November I’ve been using Dabble to help organise my creative writing projects (of which I have many!). I’ve tried other software over the years, most recently I attempted using OneNote and though it was good it didn’t really have a fiction story writing focus. Evernote was similar and other softwares were either too clunky or just too complicated.

In steps Dabble.

It’s such clean and easy to use software and it’s really helping me to focus. Also, organising plots and characters and accessing that info is dead easy.

The guy who created it, Jacob, is also super helpful and seems to have a really promising roadmap for the future of the software.

Finally, it’s got an offline app as well as an online version – both of which I find supremely useful.

Dabble 1Dabble 2Dabble 3

Let’s Talk About Pain


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I think it’s safe to announce that I have been invited to speak about my research topic at the TMS one day conference in March. I’m doing a presentation/Q&A session in the morning and then co-running a Pain Coping workshop in the afternoon. It’s such an exciting opportunity not least because I am a TMer talking to TMers! It’ll be the first time I’ve been in a room with people who have my illness.

My research proposal is coming along and I’ll be mentioning that in my presentation as well as covering psychological coping models. I am already nervous because I’ll be going after my own neurologist – who is the Keynote Speaker in the morning. It’s both a terrifying and wonderful opportunity and will definitely be going on my CV! This along with the journal article getting published in psychology journals even before starting my PhD? It’s fun and it’s good for my career, I know full well how lucky I am to be doing something I both love and enjoy.

When I began studying psychology I did so in order to be someone who could help people in a way that few people really could. I think I am starting to be able to do that – finally. After leaving school at 16 to care for my dying mum, then going back at 26 only to fall ill a few months after graduating my undergraduate degree, it’s been a long time in coming but my journey will hopefully help others do the same.

New Year, More Physio!


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In my 38th year of life I face in the first 2 weeks of 2018 four gruelling appointments at the hospital. First it’s physio for my wrists – which is hands down the most painful of my treatments. Then I get to see the rehab physio two days later to work more on my core strength and legs. Next week I start more physio with Aintree LOSS, a weight loss service, the aim being getting me fit for surgery later this year. Then finally it’s the steroid injection in my left wrist. This won’t be the end of it. Every two weeks I get to see all three physios. Wrists, rehab, weight loss, wrists, rehab, weight loss, wrists, rehab, weight loss.

Don’t get me wrong, this is all excellent treatment and all free on the NHS, so I am supremely grateful for it. They all have a specific purpose too, and a worthwhile one at that. I mean, strengthening my wrists should mitigate the awful pain, strengthening my legs and torso should help the back pain as well as improve mobility, and the last one could literally save my life or at least make the second half of my life more pleasant.

I have a 7 year (health) plan. Lose weight by the time I am 40, all the while still trying to get pregnant. When my BMI is below 30 I am pushing for IVF if we’ve not had a successful pregnancy. Then by 43 if there is still no joy we will begin trying to adopt. By then we’ll be in a secure financial state since I’ll have finished my PhD and will be on a proper psychologists wage. ^^

So, I guess what I am saying is fuck the pain and bring on the physio! lol

An Ode To Joy


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I don’t often get very philosophical about “joy” or happiness because I am at my core a realist, or a pessimist depending on your perspective. I expect bad things to happen and to get upset – I’ve always been a rather sensitive soul, and to me that makes the good times all the more special. So when good shit does happen I prefer to enjoy it rather than over analyse it.

Since it’s Christmas though I figured this would be a good time to at least talk about it and reflect on the good things that have happened to me recently.

Most of my happiness is in the context of my life, so my physical pain and emotional doldrums come into play here a lot. Because of the enormous amount of physiotherapy I am having (three different physios, one for neuro-rehab, one for my wrists and another for prepping me for the pool) I am in massive amount of extra pain, however, because of this I am in the best physical shape I have been in since getting sick in 2012. I find I can endure more pain but also I am very selective for what I endure that pain for. So, for example; awful amount of wrist pain to maintain roleplaying website – not worth it, Masters degree in Health Psychology – absolutely worth it.

Picking and choosing my battles has made me far happier as well. One thing being sick has been good for in my life in general is that now when people are jerks I have no qualms about dropping them from my life immediately. I don’t hold a grudge, I simply pretend these people never existed, much less stressful that way.

Finally, as much as I am not someone who is made happy by “things” last night when my sister’s insisted I opened my Christmas present from them early so they could see my face, they couldn’t really have predicted how happy their present would make me! It wasn’t the physical present that made me feel that way, but rather the fact that even after we’d had a falling out a couple of years ago and only got back in contact this year, they still know me so well! They got something off my Amazon wish list without even knowing the list existed! It’s a private list, so no one but me can see it! And they didn’t buy it from Amazon but from a shop in Liverpool City Centre called Quiggins.

To sign off then, here is Lilith the Fallen Angel, the ornament/statue that they got me as a gift:

Christmas Pressie

Merry Christmas all and have a happy new year!